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We featured an article in a recent Newsletter asking if anyone would be interested in making wraps for very tiny babies -born too soon. We had a fantastic response, while you read this there are currently ladies all around Ireland sewing little wraps for our collection.

Then one morning recently, we received a parcel in the post from England. A Group of volunteers called CSV. Make a Difference RSVP (a very apt name for the Group) heard about the tiny baby quest and have sent us samples of the knitted pieces that they make for some of the hospitals in England and an offer to make some for us. The photos of these beautiful pieces say it all and we were overwhelmed by the love and generosity of the Make A Difference RSVP Group.

Since that we have received beautiful items from the Ray of Hope Group in England and Mums and their friends from the on-line groups-Magic Mums and Rollercoaster. We have also had offers of support from individuals around the country and from America and Canada. It is wonderful and it really feels right to call this project ‘Wrapped in Love’.

So if there are any ladies, gents, knitting/sewing clubs or groups who might like to get involved in this project please get in touch with Ron on 01 882 9030 or by email to You might also know of a local group like the I.C.A. or Active Retirement Group who might be interested in this worthwhile project, please let us know or better still you could ask them on our behalf.

Download Knitting & Sewing Patterns Here

You can download knitting and sewing patterns by clicking here . We have permission to use these patterns but must only to be used for charitable purposes and not used for making items for sale.

Our thanks to everyone involved.
Each little set or item will be packaged and a small card with the following verse and the Christian name of the person who made it or group signed on card.

Wrapped in Love
In honour of your precious child
We made this little wrap
With caring hands and loving hearts
So comfort might be part.
Knowing it is given
To a baby who has died,
We made each stitch with tender care
And tucked much love inside.
When looking back in days to come
We hope that you will see,
Woven in these pastel threads,
A few brief, precious memories.

These tiny outfits will be given to Maternity Hospitals and Units throughout Ireland and will offer parents the opportunity to have something really unique and special for their tiny babies. Hopefully we will soon have enough supplies of the little outfits and wraps to make contact with the hospitals and offer them to support bereaved parents and then we will need the ongoing supplies to continue that support.

We can make a difference … can you image what these beautiful little outfits and wraps could mean to any parent whose tiny baby waits to be wrapped in love.



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