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Tue 09 Feb 10: Angels Plot Update February 2010

Pre-Christmas, following discussions with parents who contacted us, Glasnevin Trust scheduled to undertake a range of works at the New Angels’ Plot. However our progress has been slowed due to the freezing weather and snowfall over the Christmas and New Year period.

The following are the main activities undertaken to date or scheduled to be addressed in the coming months:

  • Removal of several trees on the plot by cutting them down to ground level. This has been completed.
  • Re-align the memorial plaques on the perimeter of the plot. Proposed for end of February 2010.
  • Complete the renovation of the pathways and kerbing in the vicinity of the plot. Proposed for the end of February 2010.
  • Landscaping the pre 1987 section to make the ground levels uniform and even. This is scheduled for April/May.
  • Landscaping of post 1987 sections will commence thereafter.
  • Glasnevin Trust assures all families of Angels buried in the plot that no graves will be disturbed during the renovation. The work will be expertly and sensitively undertaken as was the case in the work undertaken in the renovation of the Old Angels Plot, elsewhere in the Cemetery, in 2005.
  • The landscaping process involves the levelling of the uneven ground through the placement of 300-600mm of topsoil over the existing grounds and this topsoil will then be levelled to avoid any future subsidence of the plot.
  • We are continuing to improve all areas of the cemetery, including the area around the New Angels’ Plot, so as to make the cemetery an even more dignified place to visit.

Grave Markers
Following discussions with a range of parents over the past months, one of the main issues raised is the desire of some families to be able to individually mark their child’s resting place.

The Trust has agreed that if any permanent marking is to be allowed (other than headstones in place at post-1987 graves) then it must be officially approved by the Trust, very discreet in size and style, uniform in type and capable of carrying an inscription. To date the Trust has identified and suggested the “teddy bear marker” as being very suitable to achieve the above criteria and families’ collective aims.

Further feedback and consultation on this design or any alternative is invited before the landscaping works commence in the April/May timeframe.

Cut flowers are also allowed to be placed on the graves.

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