ALLF 40K Your Way in May

ALLF 40K Your Way in May

By taking part in our 40th anniversary events, you can make a difference and help other bereaved parents.

Take on our ’40K Your Way in May’ challenge for ALLF. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or any combination that suits you – the choice is yours!

Take on our ’40K Your Way in May’ challenge for ALLF and help raise funds to enable us to support parents through their darkest days. Simply set up a Facebook fundraiser (all donations come directly to ALLF) or use another fundraising platform and ask your friends and family to sponsor your challenge, or they can even join in!

Facebook link – ALLF 40K Your Way in May

Link – ALLF 40K Your Way in May

ALLF Virtual Carrauntoohil Challenge

Join us for the month of February as we climb Carrauntoohil! Yes you’ve read that correctly, we’re planning to climb our way through the next month of lockdown by tackling the highest mountain in Ireland – virtually!

So, the idea is that you climb your stairs 308 times, which isn’t as bad as it sounds when you break it right down to 11 climbs per day. Since this is a virtual climb, it’s each climb up the stairs that counts as 1 of your 11 per day.

Get family and friends involved by sponsoring you to complete your challenge or maybe some might even join you in the challenge. All funds raised go directly towards supporting bereaved parents. There are lots of fundraising options available, online options include Facebook (100% of funds come directly to ALLF) and For other fundraising methods, please contact for details on how to make a transfer of any funds raised.

Please consult your doctor in advance to ensure your health is not put at risk.

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