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Support Centre

Here you will find some support information for parents and families

ALLF Discussion Forum

We would like to encourage all parents to consider joining our online forum. It is a space that provides information and discussions on all aspects of the experience of loss or expected loss. From the moment you are told the sad news about your baby right through many... read more

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Christmas

Many parents have asked us to offer suggestions and ideas to help them celebrate/mark their baby’s birthday/anniversary.The following listing is only offered as a suggestion.  If you have any ideas/suggestions that could be added to our list please let us know.... read more

Online Discussion Forum

A place where parents can discuss every part of the journey of loss. From the moment you knew of your loss to coping each day without your baby. By registering you can join in at any time on any day with other Mums and Dads who have had similar experiences. Click here... read more

Taking Photographs

Images Courtesy Sandy Puc Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation is an International organisation providing photographers around the world who take the most beautiful photographs of your baby as a gift to you (take at look at the sample images on their website). Their... read more


The death of a grandchild is particularly difficult for grandparents as they witness the devastation of their adult child while experiencing their own sense of loss and grief on the death of their grandchild. This leaflet came about because other Grandparents have... read more


Children, even the very young, often understand much more about death than adults realise. Children need to be included in the grieving process; otherwise they may be confused and anxious and feel that adults are minimising their loss. When a baby dies, children often... read more
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