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Support Centre

Here you will find some support information for parents and families

Parents Nights

Parent Support Meetings A Little Lifetime Foundation Parent Support It is natural to want to talk about your baby. You probably think about him or her all the time and continuously relive the circumstances of his or her birth and death. Your grief is very intense and... read more

General Parent Support Meetings

Parent Support Meetings create an unique opportunity for parents to meet other bereaved parents. We invite Dr. Peter Hanlon, retired Bereavement Therapist, HSE to outline various aspects of grief from his experience of working with families. He also facilitates... read more

Concerns With Care Support Group

Since November 2016 as part of their parent support groups, A Little Lifetime Foundation offer a “Concerns with Care” support group. Meetings take place at A Little Lifetime Foundations premises at 18 Orion Business Campus, Rosemount Business Park,... read more

Pregnancy After Loss (PAL)

Since we started the Pregnancy After Loss division of the charity almost 9 months ago, we have hosted a number of parent support meetings for bereaved Mums and Dads who are on the journey of pregnancy after loss and for those who have recently had a rainbow baby (a... read more

ALLF PSAD (Pregnancy Support After Diagnosis)

The days and weeks following confirmation that a baby will die in utero or shortly after birth are utterly devastating and difficult beyond words. Our ALLF PSAD (Pregnancy Support After Diagnosis) group offers parents in this situation a supportive and understanding... read more

Creative Workshops

Organised by Allf for parents to create keepsakes to remember their babies. Ceramics, pebble art, scrap-booking, sewing/ embroidery, candle making, flower arranging, making teddy-bear from baby’s/family clothes, relaxation and many more. Ron Smith Murphy... read more
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