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Here you will find links to ways of remembering those who have left us

Virtual Remembrance Quilt

The New A Little Lifetime Foundation Virtual Remembrance Quilt is a beautiful way of remembering and acknowledging a life. It offers you the opportunity to place a patch in memory of a/your child. If you have look at the patches that are already placed on the Virtual... read more

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Christmas

Many parents have asked us to offer suggestions and ideas to help them celebrate/mark their baby’s birthday/anniversary.The following listing is only offered as a suggestion.  If you have any ideas/suggestions that could be added to our list please let us know.... read more

Online Discussion Forum

A place where parents can discuss every part of the journey of loss. From the moment you knew of your loss to coping each day without your baby. By registering you can join in at any time on any day with other Mums and Dads who have had similar experiences. Click here... read more
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