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Here you will find links to ways of remembering those who have left us

Virtual Remembrance Quilt

The New A Little Lifetime Foundation Virtual Remembrance Quilt is a beautiful way of remembering and acknowledging a life. It offers you the opportunity to place a patch in memory of a/your child. If you have look at the patches that are already placed on the Virtual... read more

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Christmas

Many parents have asked us to offer suggestions and ideas to help them celebrate/mark their baby’s birthday/anniversary.The following listing is only offered as a suggestion.  If you have any ideas/suggestions that could be added to our list please let us know.... read more

Cards & Booklets

The A Little Lifetime Foundation Memories Collection The complete collection of cards and gifts to create… Memories This unique and beautiful collection of cards and booklets was designed exclusively for A Little Lifetime Foundation and offers you a very real... read more
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