“We extend our sincerest apologies for causing any upset or distress to parents or families who have loved ones interred in the Angels’ Plots in Glasnevin Cemetery as a result of the work done to maintain the area.

It is NOT our intention to in any way add to the burden of loss and bereavement, it is in fact, the reverse.

As the Angels’ Plots are shared resting places we must maintain the area in a way that is fair to everyone concerned.   Central to this is the principle is that no one family has priority over another in the way that they commemorate the shared graves.  This means that, following the first period of mourning, all graves should look and be maintained in the same way.  They are all grassed over forming a well tended lawn without any personal effects or borders. Children’s names can of course be inscribed on the headstone provided by the Cemetery and there are other forms of commemoration that we are planning to offer in the near future which are outlined below.  At any given time there will be personal effects from more recent burials visible in the area.

The Cemetery has provided this unique area to the people of Dublin for [over 45 years]. In that time many thousands of families have laid their child to rest in the Angels’ Plots and we are privileged to maintain these sacred grounds for everyone’s mutual benefit in perpetuity.  Each year a special effort is made in preparation for Angels’ Sunday which is when the most noticeable maintenance work is done on the graves and the surrounding plant and tree life.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or indeed any issues which will be of help or assistance to us in providing this service we are more than willing to listen and consider how we can better manage the area for the greater good.

We have no way of contacting you as your address or contact details are not made available to us.

It is planned in the near future to establish a commemorative rose garden on the site of the current Angels plot. I would like to use this opportunity to consult with you in the way forward to making this special place somewhere we can all take pride in – a dignified place that together we can maintain with pride into the future.”

George McCullough
Dublin Cemeteries Committee
01 8301133

Proposed plan for the New Angel’s Plot
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