Patient Chart Sticker

This is not the actual size of the sticker, it is smaller.

This little teddy sticker can be used on patient charts and files for Health Care Professionals to easily identify that the mother has a history of miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or cot death.  It can be helpful for post natal visits and during a subsequent pregnancy.
The simple sticker can record a date when loss occurred and can help prevent inappropriate or hurtful comments about previous pregnancies.

These stickers are also useful for Family Doctors records and Community Health Care Services and Administration/Secretarial files.

If you would like some stickers please make contact by email to or telephone 01 882 9030.
The stickers come on an A4 page of 36 stickers.

There is no charge for stickers.
Postage for large quantities will be necessary.

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