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Parent Support Meetings create an unique opportunity for parents to meet other bereaved parents.

We invite Dr. Peter Hanlon, retired Bereavement Therapist, HSE to outline various aspects of grief from his experience of working with families. He also facilitates discussions and gives parents the opportunity to bounce questions or open discussions about some of the new and sometimes scary feelings they may be experiencing. We have had wonderful feedback on the meetings and would like to thank Peter for his input and for travelling all over Ireland which allowed us to offer the same service to all parents.

Following Peters presentation we have an informal chat amongst ourselves. These are facilitated by members of the ALLF Support Team. Parents get the opportunity to chat to other parents which is so helpful and supportive.

Some parents may share their own experience or just listen to other parents telling their story. There is no pressure to talk at all. Very often just listening to others describe how they are feeling or coping can help us to relate to some of the feelings and emotions we may be experiencing but find it difficult to talk about ourselves. Hopefully the meetings create a space where you can say how it really is if you want to.

Peter also provides one to one professional counseling sessions for us and over the past few years this has proved to be invaluable to parents and families.

We are now hosting Dads Only Parent Support Meetings which have been a great development for the charity and the feedback is that they are very worthwhile and beneficial. Our thanks to Pat Egan, a Member of the Support Team and Dad to Liam and Peter for facilitating these meetings.

All our support services are free of charge.

We are also using skype to support parents who can’t make it to meetings or who live abroad.

Over the coming year we are developing the services even more.

If you have any questions or concerns about the meetings do not hesitate to give us a call –
Tel- 01 8829030 or
Email –

A full list of upcoming meetings can be found here

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