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A donation to A Little Lifetime Foundation will help us to continue to provide information, support and services to bereaved families. The charity constantly needs funds for its core work as well as for the development of new projects. If you decide to make a donation we will acknowledge it and if your donation is being made in memory of a baby/child/adult we also offer a ‘Gift Certificate’ for you to send or give to the bereaved family. This certificate records details of the baby/child/adult’s name and the parents/family/friend/person(s)/group/colleagues who have made the donation but not the amount given, this is acknowledged separately.

There are few ways to acknowledge a baby/child’s short life or that of a loved one, this is a lovely way to remember them and at the same time provide support for others facing similar sadness in the future. Each contribution no matter how small enables A Little Lifetime Foundation to continue what we do for families.

If you would like a Gift Certificate we will need:

  1. Details of baby/child/adult being remembered
  2. and the person(s) names you would like recorded (for giving the gift) on the certificate.

Please make sure to enclose these details if posting a donation or if you are making a donation on line there is facility to record details there.
Samples of Gift Certificates-

gift-cert-a gift-cert-b

Thanks for considering us worthy of your support. We promise to use your gift responsibly toward support and services for bereaved families and health care professionals working in this area of care.

Tax Relief on donations to any registered charity

For every donation in excess of €250 a Charity receives from a PAYE Tax Payer, the charity benefits from that donation but also it can also benefit from further funds from the Revenue Commissioners.

Corporate donations (Revenue Commissioners)

A Company donates £1,000 to an eligible charity. Assuming a corporation tax rate of 12.5%, relief to the company is £125, i.e. £1,000@12.5%. While the eligible charity or approved body has the benefit of £1,000, the cost to the company of making the donation is only £875 (£1,000 – £125). The company will simply claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense, there is no grossing up arrangement and therefore no repayment claim by the eligible charity or approved body arises.

Further Information:

You can obtain further information on the Donations Scheme from:
Office of the Revenue Commissioners,
Collector-General’s Division,
Charity Claims Unit,
Government Offices,
Co. Tipperary
Phone: 067-63400 Ext. 63308/63320/63305 or LoCall 1890 666 333 Ext. 63308/63320/63305

Donations by post – download form Donations by credit card
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