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A Little Lifetime Pack
A Little Lifetime Pack offers helpful information and suggestions for parents and families whose baby has died or is expected to die.  A Little Lifetime is available in English, French and Polish languages.

The pack contains a copy of :

  • A Little Lifetime – which provides invaluable information on what has to happen right now, what choices you have and what other parents have found to be helpful.
  • Memories of A Little Lifetime Folder – to help create some memories
  • Leaflets:
  • Precious Time-Precious Pictures – a gentle guide to taking photographs of your baby
  • What family and friends can do
  • Returning to work following the death of your baby.

Click below to view sample pages

  • Une Petite Vie – French complete book
  • Kruche Zycie – Polish complete book

A Little Lifetime Foundation would like to thank all the parents and families who contributed to this publication directly or indirectly. Their children’s short lives continues to make a difference and has inspired changes and practices that will benefit parents and families in the future.

To their short lives that have made a difference.

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